C2C*IS offers a variety of training services from an initial Gap Analysis to determine the needs of your practice to onsite training for optimization of your electronic health record technology.  C2C*IS Trainers will do implementation or new employee basic training, compliance training, optimization or advanced training, targeted training.  Our team monitors use of your EHRT and may suggest training needs; however, you will determine when you want training and what training you want.

Retainer Services

If your practice is on a Retainer with C2C*IS, we include ONSITE TRAINING each month for two days.  These days may be “saved” to be used at a later time.  Although the most consecutive days guaranteed is five (5) days, we will make every effort to meet the training schedule you request.  You may opt to replace Onsite Training with Remote Training or Seminar Attendance in lieu of your monthly Onsite Visit.

Hourly Services

Every type of training is offered at an hourly rate. If your practice has the retainer service, additional hours are offered with this same hourly rate.

Three (3) Types of Training


A C2C*IS trainer will conduct instruction either in the clinical / administrative setting as your work continues or in a classroom.   Our hours vary depending upon your needs.  We are flexible in scheduling the training.  There is a two (2)-day minimum for onsite training.  This service is offered by the hour plus travel.


C2C*IS offers remote training as an alternative to onsite training.  For this training, you may schedule any period of time you would like the training to occur, from one hour to all day or multiple days.  This service is offered by the hour.


C2C*IS offers scheduled training sessions in various cities across the U.S.  If you are on Retainer, you may elect to attend a Seminar in lieu of your monthly Onsite Visit.

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