Data Services

At Coast To Coast Innovative Solutions, we use Data Science to analyze your Data, turn that Data into actionable knowledge, and help you use this knowledge to optimize your practice.

Electronic data allows for electronic analysis. Data by itself is useless, but with the proper analysis, data becomes knowledge. Knowledge is particularly useful when it is actionable. Actionable knowledge is knowledge that helps define what actions need to be taken. When you know that there is a problem with billing but you don’t know where, you have data without knowledge. Data science is a field of study that allows people to create knowledge out of data. Most practices work off of estimates to optimize their practice. With data services, we can take the guess work out of every decision. Not only that, we can alter the direction of a practice with new information that could not have been estimated.

Most people easily see the advantages of this service with billing. For example, we can find your most common claim denials and associate them with particular diagnoses and procedures. We can monitor the insurance payments of every single procedure you charge for to ensure procedure charges and payments are adequate. Analysis like this can help you make workflow improvements for clinical and non-clinical staff, decide on what services to maintain for your patients, and make coding adjustments to minimize denials and maximize insurance payments.

Most people are not aware of other advantages. Monitoring insurance filing plans, ensuring prescription integrity, double checking your compliance measures, enabling compliance measures your EHR cannot, tracking throughput of patients, monitoring patient population health, and the list goes on. In some cases, we can even create data manipulation programs that complete weeks or months of work in just a few hours or minutes. We can create reports that are accepted by CMS or other agencies that control standards which can always be reproduced unlike what your EHR can do.

Data Services has 3 purposes in Coast to Coast Innovative Solutions. It is an internal service that supports other services. It is a stand alone service. It is comprised of other services. Please see the Health Informatics page for more information.

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