Meet the Managers

Coast to Coast * Innovative Solutions has 3 managing employees, 7 full time employees, and around 30 trusted consultants. We utilize consultants when jobs need to get completed in a time span that we cannot manage alone so there is never a job that is too big to handle. All of our consultants have been EHR certified by various EHR companies as well as go through training with us before they begin any work with you. Gabriel Toban and Hannah Woody are the owners of Coast to Coast * Innovative Solutions.

Leigh Watson

Chief Operating Officer

Leigh Watson has 30+ years experience working in and managing medical practices. Her work experience includes:

  • 20 years experience managing physician offices
  • taught information management at the University and community college level around the world
  • presenter at workshops and seminars in coding
  • served as an auditor for evaluating medical care
  • trained electronic medical records
  • completed testing for electronic medical record beginning in 1986

Her educational accomplishments are:

  • Masters in Library and Information Studies from Florida State University
  • Bachelors in Health Information Management from Emory University
  • Masters Prepared Educator
  • Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) through AHIMA

She manages the services, employees, and client relations for Coast To Coast * Innovative Solutions. She leads our credentialing service. She is constantly conducting research about current regulations and industry standards for our services.

Gabriel Toban

Director of Information Technology

Gabriel Toban has 10+ years experience working in medical offices. He has worked in nearly every non-clinical position in a medical office including an EHR consultant. His educational accomplishments are:

  • candidate for PhD in Computational Science from Middle Tennessee State University
  • Masters in Computer Science from University of Illinois
  • BA in Mathematics from the University of Tennessee

Gabriel manages all of the infrastructure for Coast To Coast * Innovative Solutions as well as the Data Services.

Hannah Woody

Director of Remote Services

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