Coast To Coast * Innovative Solutions (C2C*IS) is a Medical Practice Consulting group based out of Nashville, TN. We are physician advocates. Our services enable physicians to practice medicine the way they want to and non-clinical staff to be highly efficient. The result is simple way to manage a medical practice with maximum profitability and strong physician to patient relationships. We customize our services for each individual practice while promoting tried and true best practices that meet industry standards, promote efficiency, maximize profits, increase employee morale, and provide doctors the ability to interact with their patients instead of the computer.


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Data Services

There are infinite possibilities for finding the right information to manage your practice!


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How Our Services Work

We have four distinct services: Credentialing, Compliance, Data Services, and Training. Each service can be paid for by the hour, with a retainer package for each individual service, or as an entire package.

All of our services are interrelated. One advantage of purchasing the entire package is the services themselves are interrelated. If a provider is not meeting a compliance standard then data services is used to pinpoint the problem and training is used to ensure it doesn’t happen again. If we are trying to design the training for a particular day then data services can be sued to pinpoint what topics need to be considered. When in person work is required to discover information required for a Data Service, training time can be essential.


What we do not list as a service, but is a primary service, is support. Support falls into three categories: service specific support, general problem support, and implementation. Service specific support comes with any service in which you purchase the package. General problem support comes with the entire package. Implementation, as a rule of thumb, is only available hourly.

Service Specific Support is based on the ability for you to call use to ask questions about items considered to be part of the service. With compliance, we can specify problems and generic ways to fix that problem, but we cannot pinpoint the problem and give explicit instructions on how to fix it without training and data services. With data services, we can provide you with explanations of the analysis and how to use that analysis, but we cannot help you implement that analysis without training.

General Problem Support is the ability for any member of your practice to call us anytime for any reason. Problems arise over time that are unpredictable. When those problems arise, any member of your practice you can call us to get explanations. We can direct those problems to the correct resources and get approvals from the right people without any direction from the practice. With the knowledge we have from the full package, we have a deep understanding of the way your practice works. Because of this, we can work with any individual in the practice while maintaining strict practice policies. Without the knowledge from the full package, it is typical to require additional information before we can answer questions. If you do not have the full package it may cost extra to gather that information and give the requested support.

Implementation is the ability for us to get into your system and manually complete work that your practice members would normally do. It is available to anyone who uses any of our services, but it is not included in any service. It is an hourly charge. It’s possible situations may arise where you need template management or several people are sick or an employee quits or any data build is required that cannot be automated (automated data builds are included in data services). We can help in these situations, but it is not included in any package. Essentially, we become a temporary employee for your practice. This is not a hard coded rule because all possible scenarios cannot be predicted. If you need something done then it is best to ask us if it is included in a package.

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